To truly understand the heritage of Alba Thyment we must go back in time over 400 years to the year 



It was during that year that the French Carmelite order published the composition of a unique herbal medicament, designed to save a devastated population from the effects of the plagues that were ravaging Europe during that period. Today the legacy of the original Carmelite Essence, under the historic brand name ARGOL Essenza Balsamica, is upheld by the third generation of a Poznan native family.

The history of Alba Thyment

is a chronicle of over 100 years involving the Rychlicki family, which despite many adversities continues to craft formulations to benefit health, beauty and wellbeing.

mieczyslaw rychlicki



As World War I finally ended, Mieczyslaw Rychlicki returned after his graduation in Berlin to his hometown Poznań, where he began to work as a chemist in a laboratory manufac-turing the herbal essence ARGOL, sold in Poland and exported to Germany and the Netherlands. The enterprise was managed and later purchased by Mr. Rychlicki, who re-named the company to Alba, which additionally crafted also holistic cosmetics and natural veterinary products.


With the onset of World War II, the company fell under German control. Mieczyslaw Rychlicki managed to salvage his formulations and recipes. Unfortunately during the liber-ation of Poznan by the Red Army, the factory was destroyed. Mieczysław and his wife Ma-ria began to rebuild, however in 1953 the company was nationalised and closed. As a re-sult ARGOL disappeared from Polish drug stores for many years.



The thought of bringing back the unique medicament returned 30 years later. As the grandchildren of Mieczyslaw battled a severe tonsil infection, his son Rajmund recalled the efficacy of ARGOL from his childhood. His wife Katarzyna, a pharmaceutical engineer rec-reated the formula.


In 1987 Katarzyna opened a company called Thyment and began to manufacture ARGOL Essenza Balsamica, distributing it through Italian pharmacies and herbalist stores. Five years later she decided, together with her husband to move the enterprise back to Poland. Since 1992 Alba Thyment manufactures the original Carmelite Essence as well as oint-ments, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

katarzyna rychlicka

lukasz rychlicki



Lukasz, Katarzyna’s and Rajmund’s firstborn, gradually took over the management of the company since 2006. He returned to Poland on his parents’ invitation with notable interna-tional business and managerial experience acquired in a global company in Europe and the United States, and during prestigious studies in Switzerland. He invested in a modern manufacturing facility and initiated international business growth. He also introduced the traditional herbal ingredients into modern cosmetic formulations, building the Alba1913 brand.


Lukasz initiated sales of the Carmelite Essence to Asia, and cosmetics to the United States of America.This granted Alba Thyment a series of prestigious awards and recogni-tions.

Alba Thyment today 


Alba Thyment is gaining strength and recognition. The parents and three children sit on the Board of the company. A well-coordinated management team and dedicated people with experience are in charge of individual departments. Intergenerational cooperation, respect for tradition and honesty are of utmost importance. High-quality products with rich compositions, trusted heritage and an inherent monastic spirit gain appreciation in more and more households. The famed Polish herbal medicinal tradition is being rebuilt in the country and spread across the world. Unquestionable assets of the company are both scientific evidence based, efficacious compositions as well as production in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Alba Thyment has a stable position on the natural pharmaceutical market and is consistently advancing in the cosmetics industry.

Our brands

professional wellness & spa cosmetics

Mens sana in corpore sano

natural Polish herbal medicine 

with proven effect

zdrowie jest piękne / healthy is beautiful

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made from family recipes

to help parents do what’s best for their children 

cosmetics and dietary supplements for children

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